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Mayflower Community Academy and Nursery provides inclusive Nursery and Primary School education, working with our pupils to educate and inspire them for their future lives.

This web site provides an insight into the philosophies of the Academy as well as the partnerships and projects that make us unique. It provides a useful resource for parents, carers, guardians, friends and pupils, as all the information needed will be provided regularly within this site. Please do sign up to receive regular updates automatically.

As an Academy sponsored by the Learning Academies Trust, our pupils benefit from enhanced opportunities including input from leading practitioners, access to wider facilities and resources to support their learning and practical support from members of Plymouth Teaching School Alliance. With the Learning Academies Trust and other partners, we are working together to ensure a bright future for our local community.

David Sammels – Executive Headteacher and Sarah Sandey Head of School

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Using COVID for a change of culture: What is it that our community values which will drive change?

There are a variety of values within our community which have stood out over this period of COVID. As the Autumn Term starts, it is vital that change is acknowledged in relation to the needs of our community. This video below outlines these values and the key vocabulary used regularly during communications with parents through a variety of platforms: our community Trail where individuals were asked to reflect on their COVID experiences, Twitter communications and further communications between parents and staff at Mayflower Community Academy.

A celebration of our Community Trail

Download Trail Celebration.pdf